Do You Forget Your MOT Now There Isn’t A Tax Disc?

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Forgetting to renew the MOT on your vehicle can have serious consequences, especially if you’re involved in an accident. Most insurance policies become invalid if a vehicle is involved in an accident and the MOT has expired. This scenario could lead to a lot more grief than expected. A motorist that forgets to follow up on their MOT renewal date and subsequently has an accident will find that they are also not insured and then run the risk of being prosecuted for having neither.
The vehicle tax system has changed radically over the last few years, and while it has certainly helped to simplify processes, the forgetful amongst us will suffer. Because tax discs are no longer issued, the classic trigger to remind us is no longer there. Everything is now automated, and police vehicles and cameras now use automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) to determine whether a vehicle is taxed or not. Even parking enforcement can trace whether a vehicle is legally parked on a public road by simply scanning the number plate.

A Week Either Side

Statistics provide some rather scary figures when we see how many motorists forget about their MOT, or worryingly remember at the last minute. Over half of all renewals are done within a week either side of the expiry date of an MOT. Considering that there may be work needed to pass it, this timeline could be cutting it rather close.

Additionally, over a third of vehicles that have passed their expiry date have it renewed within 30 days. It is the norm to seek renewal around 28 days before the anniversary date to maintain MOT continuity.

Tax, MOT and SORN

The last 11 percent can take up to a year to renew their MOT. If a vehicle does not have an MOT, it is illegal to drive it on a public highway.

Regarding vehicle tax, you can declare your vehicle as off the road through a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN), but for an MOT you do not have the option to declare your car as being off the road. You must have a valid MOT; otherwise, you can be prosecuted for driving on a public highway without it. Not having an MOT can cause headaches for drivers that are fully insured but are involved in an accident with a driver whose insurance company refuses to honour the insurance agreement because the MOT has expired.

How To Set A Reminder

With Bromley Vehicle Test Centre, you can find out the date of your MOT through our look-up service HERE. From there, you can then stay ahead of the game and set up a reminder function so you don’t forget again.

A good way to set a reminder is to place your vehicle tax on direct debit with the DVLA. They will not take the Direct Debit if, on renewal, there is no valid MOT on the system and they will write to you telling you this. There lies your free annual reminder to get your MOT sorted!

Your MOT is important, so make sure you keep a regular reminder. At Bromley Vehicle Test Centre, you can book your MOT online by clicking here or by calling 020 8460 6666 to keep it up to date and your insurance valid. We are a family-run business that offers friendly and honest advice so that you can be sure of a trusted and reliable service for every MOT, vehicle repair, and diagnostic testing.