Can the hot weather impact your car?

Throughout the year, it isn’t uncommon to hear the phrase “Where is the sun?”. The UK weather can be unexpected at times, just like right now! With an unpredicted hot-spell, you may be flying down to the coast, ordering in a pint at your local pub or taking the time to unwind in the garden, but what happens to our vehicles? Whilst the heat can be bearable for us, our cars may require a little added TLC during this time.

Take care of your tyres

Most commonly, your vehicles tyres can become affected as temperature rises. As they rotate on the road, the heat could lead to increased stress levels which may result in bubbling, punctures or even potential blow-outs. You can minimise this risk by utilising your car less throughout hotter spells of weather or assessing the condition of your tyres, such as the pressure and tread, before each journey.

Protect your paintwork

Extended periods of time in direct sunlight can have an impact on your vehicle’s bodywork. You may find that prolonged heat exposure could cause cracks or fading in your paintwork. A factor which could increase this level of damage is traces of debris on your car, such as leaves, twigs or bird droppings. The consistent hot temperature can work to gel these to the surface of your vehicle, damaging the bodywork further. You can minimise the risk of this damage by parking in a cool, sheltered location or regularly cleaning your car with cool water.

Decreased battery life

High temperatures can cause the chemical operation of your vehicles battery to work in overtime, resulting in a shorter lifespan. Your battery consists of acid and water and the consistent heat from the warmer weather can cause the water to evaporate over a shorter timeframe, which is what causes the battery to fail sooner than you would expect. If you leave this fault unmanaged for a prolonged period of time, you could risk extended damage to the plates, leading you to the requirement for a professional repair or replacement.

Air conditioning

It is natural to reach for your air conditioning in hot weather, but, like many things, extended use could lead to functional problems. If you notice a new or strange smell once yours is switched on, this could be signalling signs of damage such as a leak, low refrigerant level or the need for a deep clean. Overusing the air conditioner fans whilst damage is occurring could lead to the requirement for a more costly repair. You can minimise this risk by arranging for a service, maintenance check or deep clean throughout the warmer months.


It may sound like common sense, but during warmer weather, your vehicle is at a higher risk of overheating. Luckily, our cars can be smart. To work against this, they will utilise increased levels of available fluids, such as engine oil or coolant, allowing them to remain lubricated and chilled, keeping your journey smooth and safe. Provide yours with the fluids it requires by keeping your levels topped up correctly throughout warmer spells of weather, preventing damaging outcomes due to overheating or exhaustion.

If you are seeking additional advice on protecting your vehicle through the hot weather the UK is delightfully supplying us with, get in touch with our team! Here at Bromley Vehicle Test Centre, we are on hand to supply you with any answers, advice or services you require. Give us a call on 020 8460 6666 today.