How to de-mist your car windows [a guide]


With the colder weather now in full swing, leaving home in the morning and witnessing a car coated in a sheet of ice can be enough to fill us all with dread. Not only does this signal that we need to spend an extra couple of minutes standing in the cold with ice scraper in hand, but also that we will need to work out how to de-mist our windows.

It is a legal requirement to be able to see out of all windows in your vehicle before heading out onto the road, and failure to do so could result in a fine. Plus, it runs the risk of causing danger to the safety of yourself and other road users. To prevent any harm, we have created a simple guide to the ways of de-misting the windows of your car.

Use your heater

Our first instinct when climbing into a cold car is to switch the heating on at full blast. Doing this will only cause you to suffer in the cold for that little while longer as, in the same way our heating works at home, the air can take a few moments to warm up. Instead, switch your heater on and start it off on a cold, slow temperature. As moments pass, you can increase the temperature for a more effective result. Make sure to have the direction of air pointing straight up at the windscreen.

Use your air conditioning

Once any present ice has been removed from your windscreen, you can begin to use your air conditioning in conjunction with your heater. Whilst your heater will work to dry the glass, the cooler air will assist by removing any moisture from the inside of your car, preventing any mist from reappearing as you start to drive.

Browse your controls

Many vehicles, especially those on the newer side, will have electronically heated windscreen and wing mirror glass. If yours does, you will find a particular button extremely helpful during those morning rushes. Browse the button controls at the front of your car and see if you are able to identify one that displays a windscreen with three upward arrows. By pressing this button, in conjunction with your heater being activated, you could find that the windows of your car de-mist in a shorter period of time, and also work together to warm you up in the meantime.

At Bromley Vehicle Test Centre, the safety of you and your car are our top priority. Driving conditions can worsen during the winter months, but we are here throughout to provide you with any support, guidance, or assistance you may require. For any questions, get in touch by calling us on 020 8460 6666.